C O M P U T A T I O N A L   I N F R A S T R U C T U R E
The Computational Infrastructure for Nuclear Astrophysics (CINA) is a cloud computing system that enables researchers to: calculate thermonuclear reaction rates from nuclear physics input; create and manage customized rate libraries; modify & visualize rates; set up, execute, and visualize element synthesis calculations; and share work with other Users in an online community.

To learn about our system features, please see our ABOUT Page.

For help with our system, please see our HELP Page.

You will need to have JAVA on your local computer and an internet connection to run CINA.
Click here to see detailed System Requirements.

Click here to L A U N C H Interface (downloads a small file "cina.jnlp" to your computer)

We are happy to announce that we have migrated our services to a faster server in October 2021, and are now using a new "launch" file cina.jnlp for our system.

For more information or questions on nucastrodata.org or the Computational Infrastructure for Nuclear Astrophysics, please contact the team by email at coordinator@nucastrodata.org