H E L P   P A G E
The Computational Infrastructure for Nuclear Astrophysics (CINA) has a graphical user interface that guides users step-by-step through the execution of complicated tasks. The interface, a JAVA program that runs on your computer, communicates with our server over the internet. We also have extensive online HELP documention that is availble from within the system, with step-by-step instructions available for many functions.

As an additional help, linked below are three PDF files describing our system. The first is an overview of our system features; the second is focussed on setting up, running, and visualizing element synthesis calculations; and the third is a set of representative sample investigations using CINA.

CINA Feature Guide

CINA Simulations Guide

CINA Sample Investigations

For more information or questions on nucastrodata.org or the Computational Infrastructure for Nuclear Astrophysics, please contact the team by email at coordinator@nucastrodata.org